Saturday, July 31, 2004

OPC Creation Study

OK, since I am being harassed, and maybe rightly so for not having posted in a while, here I go. Since, however, I am at a loss of something good to write, I will post a news update for anyone who might be interested. The OPC's study paper on the days of creation has just been published and is avaliable at:

I am sure that I will want to discuss this more in future posts, but since I have just downloaded it and have not read it, now would not be the time.

Since I am on the news flash mode, Chevelle's new single "Vitamin R(Leading Us Along)" has just been released from their upcoming album This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In set to hit stores 9/21.

'Tis all for now.


Anonymous said...

So do you believe the world was created in the space of six days?????

Keith said...

Of course I do