Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Islamic Evangelism

An interesting thing happened to me on the bus home tonight. For the second time in the past few months, a Moslem noticed the book I was reading and ascertained that I was a Christian. He then proceeded to talk about Christianity, and deftly transition into Islam. In both instances, they attempted to prove that Christianity and Islam were essentially the same, and that Christ was looking forward to Mohammed. After that, their particular arguments diverged, but the fact that the method and the introduction followed the exact same pattern makes me curious if an Islamic evangelistic campaign is underway. I have to admit, I am impressed with their ability to start and transition a conversation; even if their understanding of Christianity is below average (but then again the vast majority of Christian's understanding of Islam is similar) and their willingness to admit that the New Testament's presentation of Jesus message is incorrect according to their presuppositions (they are not trying to alienate us Christians right off the bat) leaves much to be desired. One rarely considers Islam a religion reasoned debate or discussion without force being applied.

So the moral of the story, ride public transportation reading commentaries, and you will have an opportunity to defend the Christian faith against Islam.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

You Might be a Paedobaptist

Justin alerted me to this joke, and I thought I would share it (plus it proves that I am still alive in some form or another). Enjoy!

You might be A Paedobaptist (James) if . . .

1. You've got a big bushy beard in honor of R. L. Dabney. (Well... You try to anyway...)

2. You can spell supralapsrian , suprlapsarian, suralapsrian, supralapsarian.

3. When asked to name the twelve apostles you say Matthew, John, James, Andrew, Peter, Nathaniel, Phillip, Simon, Thomas, Augustine, Luther and Calvin.

4. You used to be a Baptist. (Sadly, not James either...)

5. You started drinking ("in moderation" of course) after you left the Baptist church and became a Presbyterian. (Not James yet...)

6. You always use the word "covenant" as in our "covenant family", our "covenant children", our "covenant community", our "covenant church", etc.

7. When the spirit comes upon you in power, you don't raise your hands and shout Hallelujuah, rather you scratch your chin, turn to your neighbor and whisper "hmmm, . . . that was a good point."

8. You think fencing has something to do with the Lord's Supper instead of swords.

9. You've considered church discipline for people who watch the Premiership on Sunday afternoon.

10. When someone asks you a question about the Bible, you answer, "Well, the confession says . . . " or "the catechism says . . . "

11. Charles Spurgeon is just a little too Arminian for your blood.

12. They aren't "catholics," or even "Roman Catholics." They're "Romanists," or "Papists."

13. You secretly suspect that John Calvin was a liberal because of his compromise on the Sabbath issue.

14. You know the meaning of most or all of the following - PCA, PCUS, PCUSA, PC(USA), PC(U.S.A.), PCUSA(NS), PCUSA(OS), RPCES, RPCNA-GS, RPCNA, EPC, OPC, ARP, NAPARC, CRC, RCA, BPC, BPC-Collingswood, BPC-Columbus, CPC, TE, RE, WCF, WLC, WSC, BCO, UPC, UPCNA, UPCUSA, NPC,

15. You know, or think you know, the difference between "calvinist" and "reformed."

16. You think the phrase "chosen frozen" is a compliment.

You Might Be a Baptist if . . .

1. Your tie stops an inch above your navel.

2. You consider fried chicken to be the gospel bird. (I think this is American...?)

3. You are very sure that the so-called "wine" in the Bible was unfermented grape juice.

4. When someone asks you what you would be if you weren't a Baptist, you say "I'd be ashamed!!!"

5. You think sword drills have something to do with the Bible and not with fencing.

6. There are really only two "true" first names in the world - "brother" or "sister."

7. Yours is the oldest and most Biblical denomination of all. After all, it was founded by John the Baptist.