Saturday, May 14, 2005

Chevelle Concert

This past Thursday, I saw Chevelle live for the first time. To say that the concert was awesome would be an understatement. I went into the show hoping they would put on a good show, but apprehensive of a three-piece band’s ability to play well and work the crowd. While Joe (Bassist) seemed to move only from the back to his mic when he needed to sing, Pete managed to sing, skillfully play guitar, and move around the stage constantly. Aside from the band’s not coming out after the show, the only disappointment of the night was their not playing a single song from their first album. The format for the playlist was rather interesting, first playing songs from their latest CD, and then songs from Wonder What’s Next.

What makes a concert such a unique experience? In my experience, it is not solely about the music. It is good to hear a band outside of the sterility of a studio and see how well they really play their instruments and sing (OK, this doesn’t work for pop). A concert also gives on insight into the musician’s personality. Watching Pete’s facial expressions and the look in his eyes while he sang made the effort to be front and center well worth it. However, one of the best things about a concert is the setting aside inhibitions for a couple hours. As much fun as a concert is, I tend to like a nice calm, quiet environment. Ordinarily I would fiercely defend my personal space, and would never be caught singing at the top of my lungs for over an hour. For the short three hours of a concert, the ordinary laws are suspended; it is that suspension which makes a concert such an enjoyable recreation.


JD said...

heheh. You sang along at a concert and the next day picked on me for carrying my wife's bag? No room to talk, man. No room at all :)

Keith said...

Let's not revise history too much, you were not carrying your wife's bag, it was her purse. SU APOKOYEIS.

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin, thanks for being a good hubby and helping me carry my purse. I really appreciate it.