Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Islamic Evangelism

An interesting thing happened to me on the bus home tonight. For the second time in the past few months, a Moslem noticed the book I was reading and ascertained that I was a Christian. He then proceeded to talk about Christianity, and deftly transition into Islam. In both instances, they attempted to prove that Christianity and Islam were essentially the same, and that Christ was looking forward to Mohammed. After that, their particular arguments diverged, but the fact that the method and the introduction followed the exact same pattern makes me curious if an Islamic evangelistic campaign is underway. I have to admit, I am impressed with their ability to start and transition a conversation; even if their understanding of Christianity is below average (but then again the vast majority of Christian's understanding of Islam is similar) and their willingness to admit that the New Testament's presentation of Jesus message is incorrect according to their presuppositions (they are not trying to alienate us Christians right off the bat) leaves much to be desired. One rarely considers Islam a religion reasoned debate or discussion without force being applied.

So the moral of the story, ride public transportation reading commentaries, and you will have an opportunity to defend the Christian faith against Islam.


JD said...

I have a new title for this blog: Keith's Monthly :)

JD said...

Or better: Keith's just-over-a-monthly :)

Keith said...

I really do intend to post more frequently, but intentions do not always correspond to reality.